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July 2, 2020

Thanks so much for stopping by The Farmhouse Blog. So glad you’re here! This is the first blog post in the hopes of many more! This will be a one-stop place for anyone who loves farmhouse style shopping and inspiration. To help you find all those great deals out there! And who doesn’t love some retail therapy? Shopping for great deals is mainly what will be shared here. So subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of the page to stay updated with all of the blog posts. This is where the links and photos of all those great deals will be shared on a regular basis. Also follow along with us on Instagram to watch stories and posts from our shopping hauls!


When I post a photo and you like what you see, just click the link(s) under the photo and it will take you to the website where you can purchase the item(s). (Example below)


So here are some photos from the most recent shopping trip to Hobby Lobby! I found so many great deals and so much on clearance! The clearance tagged items were all over the store and not just down the clearance aisle. I was on the hunt to find those orange stickers! I literally went down every aisle…

These shelves were originally $69.99 and the clearance tags were marked $17.49!! So how can you pass up such a great deal? Especially when they are just the perfect farmhouse shelf! I love the little wooden ball accents on the front. Just adds so much character and so cute.

Most wall decor was 50% off which is a steal and so much to choose from…

I love these glavanized windmill wall decorations.

I love everything here in this aisle!

I just couldn’t pass up this sign for only $6.49!

One thing I love about Hobby Lobby is that their displays are always on point! It just makes you want to buy everything!

Another aisle with 50% off!!

This buffalo check stool caught my eye from a distance and it was on clearance! That’s all for the first shopping trip! Hope you enjoyed shopping along with me 🙂 Please stay tuned and follow along with me here and on Instagram. Feel free to subscribe to the newsletter as well!

Thanks 🙂

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